Fortuna Floor Plan

At Unnathi, we envisage for you, a home in the way you would like to build your own, given the chance. With only 3 homes on each level and built on contemporary lines it’s a perfect blend of modern with traditional.

Every minute aspect at Unnathi is customized and individualistic, starting from the name on your front door to the planning and layout of your interiors. Each home will have its own unique identity, a uniqueness that will be decided mostly by you. After all its your own personal space …

Build it the way you envision the home of your dreams.

Your home at Unnathi is well planned and spacious, but not limited to the base plan that we offer. The interiors are flexible, but the finishes are uncompromised. Hi-end specifications coupled with some of the finest finishes make every home at Unnathi, very special.

The base version of a home at Unnathi includes, full height toughened glass windows for all exterior walls, balconies for all master bedrooms and living rooms, fully finished modular kitchen for every apartment and wooden flooring for all master bedrooms, all at an elite residential location, making Unnathi the perfect place to settle down at.